Acer Predator Helios 500 with Ryzen and Vega plus benchmarks

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Gordon shows you the Predator Helios 500 with Ryzen 2700 and Vega 56. He even got his hands dirty and pulled benchmarks for Cinebench and Far Cry 5. Melissa already did a hands-on with the Intel and Nvidia option, and now Gordon has all the AMD fans covered.

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  1. YES!!!

    Edit: my wet dreams come true…
    Finally gaming on a business trip with an powerful AMD System!

  2. just look at that idiot on the back ruining the video…lovely, acting all security and watchful.

  3. Ya'll have the best Computex coverage. Seeing all sorts of things from ya'll I haven't seen posted elsewhere

  4. So, a $2,000 plus gaming laptop. AMD 2700 with a Vega 56 that kind of rivals an i7 8700K and a GTX 1070. WTF? How does an underporforming very expensive GPU get so much love? I don't get it.

  5. AMD fans? Heck anybody who needs 8 cores without troll childish mindset for video editing and rendering will appreciate this beast.

  6. I have to wonder if changes have been made to the clockspeed of the Vega part to get it into that laptop. If so, what is the clockspeed of the mobile part?

    Also, are Acer going to pair Ryzen and GTX or Intel and Vega? I kind of hope so.

  7. I only game so for me, intel is better. Still get higher fps with intel.

  8. What the hell are those screen bezels? Are we still using a 2004 design for laptops just with more leds?

  9. Would be sad if they fuck up the screen again with this laptop… This is an editors laptop… Make it like one

  10. paint the whole thing fire engine red and stencil out the amd logo on top, make it a proper AMD flag!

  11. Question is. When are you gonna release that in the philippines?

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