A great Mini PC – Beelink AP34 Pro Review – 6GB RAM, Intel N3450

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The review of the Beelink AP34 Pro Mini PC
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In this video I have a closer look at one of the latest Mini PCs from Beelink, the AP34 Pro. This Mini PC is powered by the Intel N3450 CPU and has 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.
Throughout this video you can check out the performance, benchmark results and even some gaming.

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  1. Nice review as always Alex.
    Will you be doing a Ulefone Power 5 review? Anxious to see you put it through it's paces.

  2. Great review on an interesting mini PC! Three minute ad for Cake browser which would have been clicked through on any other channel.
    Loyal T or just happy mini pc means no selfies. Cheers

  3. Very good video.but this mini pc can run meeting apps like teamviewer ? Share screen works on it ?

  4. One thing that seems to limit these mini pc devices are the audio drivers you get from Intel. They rarely support 7.1 bitstream. It would be nice to know whether these devices support 7.1 bitstream from kodi for example

  5. Great review! You really should test out the Zotac Ci327 ( it is on Newegg at: https://goo.gl/ZZAUPG). It is a very inexpensive bare-bones N3450 version of my Ci323 which is a mere N3150, but has expandable ram and takes an SSD. The number of ports are incredible and as far as cooling goes well the case is one big ventilation unit and mine runs at roughly 54C average with Chrome open, GIMP open, Openshot editor running and watching a YouTube video at the same time all on 8 GB RAM.

  6. Great little PC, though can you plug a webcam to do Skype calls?

  7. Love your Work Alex! This Mini PC looks good. Just Wish it came with Android 8.0 instead of Windows! Anyway Thanks Again!

  8. Not bad, I wonder how an SSD could change the reliability of this devices, because it can be really fast and also adding mwah more capacity, but also heating more the little box.
    Liked as always my friend

  9. As a Beelink customer I can tell you they're actually listening to users and reviewers like Alex. I've seen other Mini PC vendors that always short the unit something critical WHEREAS Beelink understands what is necessary.

  10. Nice man, that's pretty sweet that it takes an M.2 rather than sd card.

  11. Considering what you get, the price is quite good. Did you ever try it with steam in-home streaming? I think it could be quite a nice PC for streaming games to the TV.

  12. Sir Alex of Redskull — Two Questions

    1. I saw the heatsink. Thanks for opening it up. It is FANLESS, yes?
    2. I've never ordered from Aliexpress. They seem to be handing this thing away for $164 where Gearbest has it at $189. Is Ali for real and trustworthy?

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