9000 Series CPU Specs, Ryzen 3 2300X Benchmark!

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  1. More likely i7 with 6c/12t and i9 in the mainstream with 8c/16t

  2. Honestly CPU news just doesn’t interest me anymore. The IPC gains are so minimal that I’m still happy with my 4790K at 4GHz on all cores. I removed my 4.6GHz overclock because I don’t feel like pulling my H100i block off and replacing the Gelid GC Extreme that’s been there since 2014 and I am still happy with the performance and mid-60s under load with ASUS AiSuite on my Maximus VI Formula running the noisy Corsair fans in silent mode.

    I may upgrade in 2019 or 2020. Depends on the new GPUs and how much of a bottleneck my 4790K ends up being. Definitely time to replace the 780 Ti.

  3. intel loved to play with the press and amd fan boys…all mystery ?? i just loved, but i do know that i was not allow to discuss anyone whats next from 9th gen…..but everything is going very smooth in our end…10nm and major microcode update…they planning to update all 8th gen with microcode update…its more than important to ignore cause it will change clock speeds by updates and process changes after i discover the weakness of 2 known flaws to counter it the easy way….

  4. Ik pumped for 9th generation intel cpu because I’m planning to upgrade to a i5 8600k within a year and then I can either but a 9th series or get a cheaper 8600k

  5. Nothing new here. basically what kaby lake was to skylake or what the rx 580 was to the rx 480.

  6. If the 9700k is not 8 core 16 is it just gonna be a rebrainded 8086k/8700k?

  7. YOU ARE ALL MISSING SOMETHING HERE – the clock speeds are not the main deal with these – the main selling point is that both the i3 and i5 will have hyperthreading. So the i3 basically = Kaby Lake i7; and the i5 = Coffee Lake i7 BUT with 9mb instead of 12mb L3 cache.

  8. AMD ALL THE WAY! Actually Intel tries to deceive everyone with their model numbers, I really don't care much what they do, is always selfish and semi-stupid

  9. ugh… I'm gonna be on this 4790k for another full year huh…
    I just see no point in buying int o a 4-year old architecture, sorry Intel.
    They better deliver in the spring or Zen 2 will eat them alive.

  10. I just wanna know if they’ll work with my 8th gen. board.

  11. But the 8th gen series just released ……….. It wil be like mobile now buy a new one every year or be outdated in terms of hardware my 960gt lasted 8 years with low mid settings

  12. I am just waiting to august or maybe christmas to invest in an entire set up, still not sure about my final components since everything from this generation seems like a half decent part placed to compete on the market for a while. Looking at the roadmap of pc parts launch time, what future hardware would you recommend to buy or how much should I wait to get myself a Pc? What do you guys think?

  13. I'm hoping with the 9th gen we finally get more PCIe lanes without the DMI 4 lane bottleneck.

  14. SO, 8-core i7s confirmed for real – man, oh man, Ryzens are up for a bloody beating!

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