8700K vs 1800X, i5 8400, 1600X & 7700K – COFFEE LAKE GAMING BENCHMARKS!

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8700K vs 1800X, i5 8400, 1600X & 7700K – COFFEE LAKE GAMING BENCHMARKS!
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Benchmarks start @ 5:02

Intel Core i7-8700K
US –

Intel Core i5-8400
US –
UK –

Intel Core i5-8600K
US –

Intel Core i7-8700
US –
UK –

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  1. I feel like if we are going to have some gaming benchmarks, we should have some with video recording software running as well. Plenty of gamers record gameplay with software like AMD Relive and Nvidia's Shadow play (I think it's shadow play). Make some of those Paul!

  2. The pricing currently is perfectly fine, i don't understand why anybody is complaining.

  3. Hello , i am a video editor and a gamer . i am building my own machine for the same . i have a budget for 4000$ and want to build a solid machine which can last long for my domain .
    List of parts till now
    1. intel 8700k
    2.corsair vengeance 16* 2 gb ram (32 gb) 3200hz
    3.Corsair Hydro SeriesTM H100i V2 Extreme Performance 240MM Liquid CPU Cooler
    4. AsusRog Strix 370-E Motherboard
    5. samsung 850 Evo 1TB
    6. acer predator x34 monitor
    7. zotac 1080ti gddr5 11gb amp extreme
    8. corasir crystal series 570 x case
    9 seasonic X 850 Smps -x series 850 watt 80 plus gold
    I have few questions
    1. for the budget i have is my cpu selection worth it ?
    2. i have a conflict about motherboard between asusrog strix 370e and msi 370 gaming pro carbon ac , which should i go for and why ?
    3. storage is vital for editing process , kindly suggest the best combination for storage and speedy access with the data and how to manage the two for maximum output ?
    4. There are several open fan type of gtx 1080ti from different manufacturer which is best …?
    5. if i have plans to further increase my graphics cards in future , is my power supply good enough ?
    6. what do u suggest which case can give this kind of rig its form factor ?
    7. how can i overclock the processor to 5ghz ?

    Thank you for all your input .
    if u can suggest a better rig configuration it will be helpful.

  4. At 4k the best choice is ryzen 1600x I guess and it can do the daily tasks smoothly.

  5. So between the i7 8700k and the 1700 i should go with the 1700?

  6. how about using adobe lightroom, premiere pro, after effects and photoshop?

  7. so, it seems the 8400 is bottlnecking a 1080ti. question is: is the 8400 going to bottleneck a regular 1080?

  8. I'm not a gamer. I do Premiere and Photoshop for most of my pro work, and listening to you and Kyle (?) I decided to go with the Ryzen platform. I bought the processor, a 1700, on sale a few weeks ago, an NZXT 440 case, I had a new high end power supply from Antec, and I've been contemplating on the rest of the components. I decided to go with the EVGA CLC 280 cooler, a Samsung M.2 EVO 960 for my boot drive and Samsung SSD 850 for my work drive. So, the question at this point is which motherboard would you recommend for video and Photoshop work primarily? I've been looking into the Gigabyte Gaming K7 (around $200) and I've seen similarly priced items from ASUS. Any thoughts?

  9. I don't care what the MSRP is if that's not what the processer cost to buy! Please don't skew comparisons with entirely inaccurate prices. 8700k is $420 on Newegg in the US as of 11/13/17 and it is also out of stock.

  10. So basically, the R5 1600X beats the i5 8400, because the single core peformance is only marginally better for the i5 but the multi core peformance is significantly better for the R5. Further, going for the R7 1800X does not make any sense, as the single core peformance of the i7 is significantly better, while the multi core peformance of the 1800X is only marginally better. The reason it does not make sense is, that the single core advantage of the i7 outweighs the multi core advantage of the R7. Considering the price (basically the same) for both CPU's, you still have to keep in mind, that the i7 requires an additional cooler and a more expensive motherboard. That being said, the overall price difference might be a reason, why you would want to choose the 1800X. But here is the thing. The R7 1700 beats both of these CPU's in overall value. It brings similar, if not same, single core peformance as the 1800X and slightly slower multi core peformance when overclocked. The big difference is the price, the 1800X costs a hundred dollars more than the 1700 and the i7 8700k costs 200 dollars more than the 1700. To sum it up, the R5 1600X beats the i5 8400, the R7 1800X and i7 8700k are tied, because of the minor price difference and the R7 1700 has both chips beat in overall value.

    If you are looking for gaming only or gaming and streaming at the same time, you should go for the R5 1600X. The R7 1700 will stream more smoothly but the 1600X is a hundred dollars cheaper. If you are looking for content creation and 3D rendering, you should go for either the R7 1700 or 1800X depending on how much you focus on content creation and how much on gaming and streaming. If you use it more for content creation then go for the 1800X, else you go for the 1700. And finally, if you don't have to think about your budget, go for the i7 8700k with a water cooling solution.

  11. Importantly the AM4 platform is expected to be around much longer than z370. In the long term drop in CPU upgrades will be easier with a ryzen platform than with an intel z370. It is however great to see this kind of performance from consumer grade CPU's without having to dish out 1k for a CPU and motherboard. Think 6850k performance or better at a much lower price point.

  12. Thanks for doing TW:WH2, glad to see it added to your games library

  13. should i wait for h and b motnerboards?it will be better?

  14. Who gives a shit really you won't notice any difference either gaming or editing.

  15. What’s the point of benchmarking games on max settings? In these tests, gpu bottlenecks performance, that’s why you got almost same FPS in most of the games.

  16. It really doesn't look like the 8700k is worth it over the 7700k, if gaming is the main concern… I'm confused.

  17. They have to stop calling computer related stuff "coffee" and things related to coffee.

  18. LGA2066 motherboards wayyyyy overpriced! cpu's maybe better but not worth it to buy with these ridiculous board prices!

  19. For gaming, Intel's CPU's 9/10 times show better performance and higher FPS, I'll be getting the i5-8400k in my future build, gonna enjoy those extra threads and 2 extra cores when comparing older i5 processors.

  20. Intel is a monopolist.
    We are 9 people decided to stop buying Intel's products.
    Hope everybody else will do the same.

  21. love ya Paul, but please don't misuse begs the question…. you gotta think about the assholes like me that'll start gnashing teeth, clawing at the screen and of course, bothering to write a post to point out that it's a tautology and not asking an actual question….damn i need a break or something 😉

  22. We have been wait 10 years for games that use muti- theading , no change
    gaming counsels rule the market not us

  23. Rad! Thanks for taking the time to run these benchmarks… they were super useful; I picked up an i7-8700K today!

  24. Probably going for intel, im a big AMD fanboy mostly because of how intel has been lately. I personally think that the single core performance is huge and intel runs away in that caption. Im very glad ryzen can strut its stuff with these CPUs tho. My upcoming build will be an 8700k, Maximumus Hero board, and a 1080ti. Plus all the other fun stuff

  25. On your 1800x results why are the gaming lows lower than the 1600x?

  26. Im going for a High end Gaming PC, with a i5 8600K and a R9 380x 4GB, maybe im going to buy a new GPU in the future! Im only going to play games on it!

  27. Does anyone have any bf1 1080p ultra and low benchmarks. Thanks

  28. What frequency were the Ryzen CPU's running at? Did you overclock them?

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