8700K in a Laptop! Metabox P870TM-G Gaming Laptop Reviews + Benchmarks

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This gaming laptop from Metabox is packed full of power! The P870TM-G has an Intel 8700K 6 core CPU which supports overclocking, and two Nvidia 1070s running in SLI. In this review I’ll perform benchmarks both at stock speeds and while overclocked so that you can see the difference in gaming performance, and help you decide if this is the desktop replacement you’ve been looking for.

Metabox P870TM-G:

Metabox provided me with this laptop for a few weeks for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That fan sound holy shiit. No one would sleep neer with that windstorm. Rip wifu

  2. Wait for fall 2019. Get this pc for 1000 dollars. Thank me later.

  3. 75 hz panel kills it for me all that power and no 120hz screen I would hook this thing up to a external monitor to power 144hz 1440p

  4. This laptop is very impressive to say the least but at certain point i feel like its just overkill to load a laptop like this, with all the portability issues it involves, the massive increase in price…just to play the witcher 3 at 20-30 fps higher on ultra settings than a 1k-1.2k laptop

  5. I'd buy an actual desktop rather than heavy power hungry so called laptop that requires 2 adapters to work at full capacity. Laptop is supposed to be mobile. Solid video tho.

  6. Why does he benchmark Battlegrounds always, if its so difficult to test? 😀
    Good review anyway

  7. Seriously a 60 hz screen on an overkill laptop……. cmon……

  8. people are silly into thinking 60hz 1080p is the only configuration comes with the laptop. metabox is silly doing such a thing. i have the same laptop made by clevo and its 120hz and resolution can go all the way to 3k. currently with a delided 8700k and liquid metal replacing intel tooth paste, running 4.9ghz 24/7 on auto fan. dota2 for 3 hrs peaked 81C average 76C.

  9. 2x 1070's in SLI but the display is a 1080p 60hertz panel what were they thinking.

  10. OC, full load on cpu and gpu, fans maxed out temperatures could be given tough

  11. I was waiting for a review of this Clevo based notebook. Looks good with the 8700k and 1070s in SLI.

  12. The screen should've been at least 120Hrz but overall a monster of a laptop reviewed by an awesome tech youtuber ! Keep it up man 🙂

  13. Decent review, however I wished you would include more information on how you tested the notebook and benchmarks would be great too. So far "on load" doesn't really seem very informative.

    When doing another review, try using programs like intel burn test, prime95, Furrmark and such, to stresstest the CPU and to see how it behaves in heavy scenarios, I mean if anyone is stupid enough to buy an almost non portable furnace of a notebook, then at least they should know what they get themselves into when actually trying to stress is, I'd imagine that if people would consider a 8700K they would want to know what happens when they try to use the power (eg. streaming a game on high settings etc.)

    If it wasn't for the loud noise, price and temps, the notebook would be decent.

    Also you could try and fiddle a bit with XTU settings and try to stock undervolt it, to see if that would make it more usable without getting deaf of the fan noise or burn up.

    Also when doing gaming benchmarks, maybe have a very short clip of each game where afterburner or HW64INFO runs as overlay to give the user an idea about temperatures and usage while gaming!

    You could also measure the maximum dB on the speakers when cranking up the volume to give people an idea how loud it is.

    I think you have the potential to be a good reviewer, you still lack a couple of things tho, presentation is pretty good.

  14. One GLARING issue: Just what the hell is the point in an 8700k plus 2x GTX 1070, for ONLY a 60 Hz 1080p panel? Furthermore, what the crap is the point in having G-sync with, again, ONLY 60 Hz???

  15. First video I watch from you. Insomnium T-Shirt? You've gotten a new subscriber.

  16. 60hz is just terrible with that power. Definitely need to upgrade to the 1440p 120hz for the best experience.

  17. Sli is so pointless in this day and age. Would much rather have a single better card.

  18. I have the P750 i7 6700K paired with the 980m 8Gb vram.

  19. id rather get a razer blade pro for that price, i wouldnt even trade my blade with a 1060 for this. Portability cannot be compared, i bet not one person would be alright with carrying this thing anywhere

  20. Clevo is the frist and only company bring Powerful Mainstream Desktop CPU to mobility laptop

    GG Clevo but this brand can't sell in my country lmao

  21. Randomly saw this on my suggestion and went "wtf 8700k on laptop?>!?!?!?!?"
    You got new sub my dude :P!

  22. why don't clevo just release there stuff directly, this laptop is resold under so many names now it's hard to keep track of them all, the names so far…. Sagar, Eurocom,Metabox and in the UK PCSpecialist vortex 17..

  23. Cheers again for a great review Jarrod. I have added it to our P870TM-G product page 🙂

  24. This is the first laptop id seriously consider buying as my favorite games are CPU bound. The only thing its missing is a column of 5-6 macro keys on the left. I definitely would avoid SLI and just get 1 1080 and ofcourse the 120hz screen is a MUST if you are going this high end. The price isnt even unreasonable nor is the temps considering how hot the 8700k gets even on a desktop without a delid. 5ghz 6 core 12 thread on a laptop is just fucking BEAST tier and would last a really long time compared to past laptops. Im impressed

  25. I don't get why people say "2 1070's in dual sli", just say "in sli", if you have 2 of them you know its dual. also you don't rlly need to say "6 cores and 12 threads with hyperthreading."

  26. just fyi as far as i know laptops with gpus higher than 1060 dont switch to iGPU, and as far as the battery issue, i believe 85Wh is the max allowed on flights so thats prolly why that is.

  27. Very good review! I am now recently looking into purchasing a laptop for video editing. First I am looking into HP Zbook17 G4, but just now saw this I am getting interest in it. Could you suggest?

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