$5300 Ultimate Gaming/Editing PC Benchmarks

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A montage build of a $5300 Gaming PC ft the 1950X. #JackTheRipper
►Cougar Conquer (amazon):
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►Other PC Builds:
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►Parts List:
►Ensourced Cables:

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  1. How many and what type of cables were used in building this? I wanna try building it myself but I am going with a different case and color scheme so I don't really think I am able to get his modular cable set… (Also, I'm a beginner so who has been basically learning from watching TechSource's videos, so any more tips would be helpful!)

  2. But does it have a CD disc holder cause my dell dimension 5150 does

  3. Msi afterburner crashes after i got a replacement card after my last one overheated, any knowledge to why and if I can stop it?

  4. Who cares about the 1080tis in sli lets just advertise the threadripper

  5. 5300 Bucks but can't run every game at max settings?

    b o i i i i

  6. At 5300$, I would expect 90fps minimum, ultra setings, 4k on every game no exeption

  7. How does it not run pubg over 60 FPS on ultra? Is it because it requires more ghz for the additions?

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