5 Minutes on Tech: Intel 8th Gen CPU – Worth Upgrading?

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Lisa Gade covers the new Intel 8th generation CPUs that are soon shipping for Ultrabooks. These are called Kaby Lake-R and double the number of CPU cores from previous Core i5 and i7 15 watt CPUs (UHD 620 graphics are basically unchanged from 7th gen). Intel claims they’re 40% faster— is that true? Is it time to upgrade your laptop? Lisa benchmarks them to find out.


  1. What software that can Turbo boost your laptop cpu ?! Can anyone tell me ?!

  2. With the fluctuations in clock speed you have shown from the new chips does that make them less stable and therefore more unstable for live work such as producing music? Are they more or less powerful than previous Kaby Lake quad cores?

  3. Hey Lisa and fellow youtubers, would like to ask what a better choice between two laptops, (A) Dell 14 7000 7472 with a i7-8550U, 16gb ram, MX150 gpu, 14 inch screen at 1.65kg, or (B) Lenovo Yoga 720 with a i5-7300HQ 16gb ram, GTX1050m-2G gpu, 15.6 inch touch screen (digitizer) at 2.0 kg? I can get the dell for slightly cheaper, and I like the lighter weight and outlook, however the Lenovo has a full digitizer touch screen and also usb type c port that allows charging, even via power bank! My uses would include quite heavy video editing and gaming. The main thing putting me off the dell is mediocre battery life, as it's identical model the 7460 which has a 7th gen i5 reportedly has 3-6 hours battery life, so my next question is would the 8th gen icores in this same laptop mean a much battery life?

  4. Wait for the AMD Ryzen mobile processors with integrated graphics. This will shoot down all of Intel chips that's why they are currently in panic mode.

  5. Fabulous detailed comparison !! Thanks Lisa for breaking it down for us.

  6. Lisa. I have been asking myself this question for so freaking long and now you've answered it all. On sites such as "userbenchmark", the 8650U is roughly the same speed as the 6600hq. I was like wtf that can't be right, right??? That's so OP. They are judging the CPU completely on their cores and peak clock speed, so yeah of course they look like the same CPU on paper. But they are missing the most important part: the U CPUs are 15W. They can reach that 4.2GHZ clockspeed, but they can't maintain that speed. I was so blown away by the Kaby-Lake-R cpu's at first and now I'm not nearlly as impressed. Still great CPUs, still U CPUS.

    Thanks for the review that was insane.

  7. Good info but im really wanting to see how these stack up against the amd ryzen 2500u and 2700u.

  8. This is an amazing explanation. I feel like I just went to a college class. Thank you Lisa!!

  9. I own an i7 4770s PC, and not going to change it for at least 2 years

  10. hey I have a question. program called Throttlestop can completely remove throttling from low-powered cpu-s. Is it possible on the new gen cpu-s as well so it wouldn't drop frequency? and heat issues can be solved by undervolting. Therefore we're getting a perfect processor.

  11. me still using the i7 3840QM ivy bridge 45 watts paired with a gtx980m. kicking strong still in full HD gaming.

  12. I want to buy a new gaming laptop. Should I wait for 8th gen i7 gaming cpu or should I proceed with i7- 7700HQ .. please guide me

  13. I'm still using Intel's I3 4030U Haswell processor, I'm not changing my laptop until 2020.

  14. Really need some feedback regarding iGPU. I know the 8th gen CPUs are much better at CPU tasks, but you can currently get last gen iris pro chips for a steal, and I think these will have considerably better GPU performance?

    I'm leaning toward getting an XPS 13 with 7560u because the extra GPU performance means more to me than CPU.

  15. Think the new Razer Blade Stealth with the i7 8500u is gonna be decent running more CPU-heavy games now?

  16. Can you do a gaming review of asus vivobook s15 one with i5 8250u

  17. According to steam hardware survey in last month, Intel had a massive jump over AMD. In October AMD lost around 3% of the market to Intel.

  18. Yes love the shirt (TOS fonted TNG over electrical truth. 7of9 geeks approve 🙂
    Thanks for the information on the long term CPU run.

  19. That shirt is awesome! As soon as I saw it I was going to comment then I saw everyone else commented on it already but oh well, where'd you get it?

  20. What about the battery life? Im thinking about LG gram15 which has intell i7 8th generation. But some people said that 8th generation may proved its performance, but also it has lower battery time then i7 7th generation cuz it doubled the real number of cpus. Can you tell me is it ok to buy 8th generation? I want longer battery life and lower fan sound. Which would better choice 7th gen or 8th??

  21. Some guy was supposed to fix my computer and so I asked him should I replaced the dead hard drive or just buy a new laptop. It was hp pavilion dv6 core i7 2nd gen 8 or 16gb ram (can't remember) and 1tb hdd and I was trying to see if it was worth the $200+ they were asking to fix it plus another $80+ they were going to charge to back up the harddrive. And I asked him was the core i7 models the same. He said they pretty much were. Mind you, I had bought that laptop almost 8 years ago. So, a 2nd gen core i7 is going to be as good as a 7th or 8th gen? Now I am wonder if he didn't know what he was talking about or he was BS'ing me to get my money. Either way, I bought a new laptop. That value is barely worth that much so so wasn't going to pay that much to fix it.

  22. Awesome! And Thanks for giving Samsung laptops some ♡, Your reviews are aspiring informative I'm hooked!!!

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