4 Powerful Graphics Cards Vs One of The Most Unoptimized PC Games Of All Time

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PC gaming definitely has it’s quirks, but most issues can be solved either with a patch, or, as a last resort, a hardware upgrade. Sometimes that isn’t even enough and after re-discovering my passion for an one specific older title, I quickly found out that nothing in my hardware collection could run it.

This is the story of Saints Row 2 on the PC. Possibly the most unoptimized PC port available.

System Specs:
Ryzen 5 1600 @3.2GHz
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
8800 GTS | HD 7950 | ASUS MARS II | GTX 1060 | GTX 1070
Corsair CX550M PSU
Windows 10

Music: Dark City by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.



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  1. Sad because saints row 2 was one of the best games ever made

  2. how the hell does this game run on my 1050ti at 60 fps with no lag

  3. What simpsons game was that? I remember it stupidly clear but I have no idea why.

  4. Hey RG, does your mobo have a B350 chipset? If so, SLI isn't supported. Only X370 boards support SLI in the Ryzen lineup.

    Happy gaming!

  5. I honestly dont know what to tell you i have absoulutly no problems with saints row 2 on my pc and i have a 3.5ghz proccessor and a geforce gt 730 and it is hella smooth for me idk guess im just lucky

  6. some pc gamers deserved this. They believe playing on pc makes them superior.

  7. so many indy and method grabs i almost forgot what the video was about

  8. The reason performance isn't really improved by changing the graphics settings is that the workload isn't too tough for the CPU or GPU. It's that the game only seems to use 20-odd% of the hardware performance, which is stupid.

  9. what was that about gta4 at the beginning? i havent had too many problems with it on my garbage pc

  10. if my pc has been on for longer than an hour, looking east or south in SR2 causes it to slow down to 6fps

  11. wait dats saints row 2 i can run saints row 4 with a amd card and 16 gigs of ram xD

  12. I play Saint Row 2 on my GT1030 with an A10 chip(yeah I know Integrated graphics should had gone with Intel blah blah blah) but for me it works well actually at 1080p a little tiny bit stutter.. not at Max settings but definitely above just medium without patches. Just how it came from steam.

  13. My gt 710 plays sr2 on high 720p averaging 34fps and 12fps on intensive places

  14. Actually in my experience the shitier your pc build is the better saints row 2 runs and i have no fucking clue why
    Edit: actually nevermind i tried the game with my current potato and the game ran at superspeeds

  15. I remember trying to run this game with a GTX 460 jaja. Maybe I'll try with my GTX 1080, just for curiosity

  16. "Game is CPU heavy" Runs around 30%. "Game needs a strong graphics card" All of the GPUs showed around the same performance… "The xbox 360 had a processor with a 3.2 GHz clock speed" you're joking right? "The game is poorly optimized" Didn't they make this game with a custom emulation script, and emulations run slower than normal games anyway?

  17. guyssh hthis is why gasp consolesh arr sho mush bether ffor gaming wheezy

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