$300 Gaming PC – Pentium G5400 – Is It Worth It?

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Overview of $300 PC Build – Parts Suggestions & Alternatives to Consider
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Pentium G5400 – @Amazon – @NewEgg
H310 Chipset Motherboard – @Amazon – @NewEgg
8GB DDR4 RAM – @Amazon – @NewEgg
250GB SSD – @Amazon – @NewEgg
450W PSU – @Amazon – @NewEgg
Mini-Tower Case – @Amazon – @NewEgg
Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code sktech10%) —
Logitech mk270 Keyboard/Mouse – @Amazon – @NewEgg

For $30 more, I would strongly suggest you go with Ryzen 3 2200G and a B350 motherboard instead

Ryzen 3 2200G – @Amazon – @NewEgg
B350 Motherboard – @Amazon – @NewEgg

Another option is a used PC, as shown in the video:
My Review on this –

i5-2400 –
i5-2500 –
i5-3450 –
i5-3470 –
i5-4440 –
i5-4460 –


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  1. Please help me out on this. I want to be able to game at 1440p 75hz I don’t know what GPU can get me that without being overkill. What GPU do I use

  2. It suck, in early 2017 i build with i3 6100 because it was the best build at the time, sadly 3 months later ryzen come up
    Well this processor still pretty good to play games
    Hope i can buy an used i5 6500 or 7500, still want to use my motherboard

  3. i have e8500 |+ gt 710 with 2 Gb ddr5 … its works verry good in most games on 1440×900 wow is on 60+ for mustt ime

  4. I have a platform much older than this, but FarCry5, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Assassin's Creed Origins seem to run fine to me. My platform is an i7-4770k cpu with 16 gb ddr3 ram 2400mhz, and a gtx 1080.

  5. 150.00—————-)AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Processor with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics & Gigabyte GA-AB350M-DS3H (AMD Ryzen AM4/B350/Motherboard)

  6. reviewed razer blackwidow chroma v2 before?

  7. my G4560/1050ti is still holding its own very well, and I run 2560×[email protected] I only play well optimized games, no overrated "AAA" with shit performance. I get 100fps on all games i play

  8. how about oem i5 pc used + gtx 750Ti ? that a bargain too, right ?

  9. Just got my little sister a used FX 6300 along with a used GTX 570 with 8 GB DDR3 and that thing is worth the 150€ I paid for it.

  10. Yeah, they need to be more competitive bringing prices down. Sadly, no one else wants to do that. I'm sorta anxious to see what BF and cyber Monday will bring. By then, the Chinese will be all over that with their own? brands.. and possibly steal the show?

  11. Underrated channel, lookout for my fanmail soon! Teeth brighter than my future yo!

  12. A GTX 750Ti is a better option than GT 1030. Way better for the price.

  13. Get a used r3 1200, that's the best deal in the history.

  14. Just a warning on 2nd hand office machine conversions. Stick with the Optiplex – avoid the the other manufacturers. I've built several Optiplex for budget gaming machines and chucked a GPU in them. All have taken Windows 10 Pro, no issues (ebay for a fiver). The mobo's in each I've done take a GPU up to a 1050ti no problems – plug n play. I generally avoid HP (especially Fujitsu) and the others as a lot of them have proprietary cabling (like a 20pin rather than 24pin ATX power cable), hot glue gunned wiring (yes that's still a thing), weird power supplies and often limit the PCI to 45W rather than the 75W needed to run a GPU. The Optiplex (any i5 as Mr Deals said) is not much of a looker but they are built like tanks and will last, are easy to work with and you'll notice very little gaming difference regardless of generation of the i5 (gen2-4). Great vid. Loving the explanations as to why this is generally a silly project when $50 more can get you a much better Ryzen 3 machine and going through all the alternatives if budget will allow.

  15. I found a used RX570 4GB expedition at 200€, should I go for it?

  16. for some countries like the US is not worth it, but for the rest like me in an small country is just an amazing upgrade, I'm building a pc around the G4560 and so far I'm spending a lot just for that humble build, yet for me is a huge upgrade coming from an intel Core 2 quad this new computer is really a great upgrade, and for those who will ask why not the Ryzen 2200G??? well that processador is twice more expensive in my contry, so yeah no ryzen for me…. yet!!!

  17. Hey tech deals on Amazon they have graphics cards at stock prices.

  18. thats why Intel Sucks!! no upgrade path! you dont need the fastest right now, you need in the future

  19. Mr Tech Deals or people on youtube, i have question, my friend have old i3-2120, he want to upgrade graphic card just to play light games, will gt 1030 work with that cpu ? some say gt 1030 wont work with pcie 2.0. and some say it work, im confused.

  20. Ryzen 2200g and 2400g all the way right now for entry lvl gaming

  21. which is the better deal??
    gtx 1050 2gb for 140$ or
    rx 460 4gb for 155$??

  22. The discord is cool!
    Please don't mind my lewd profile pic

  23. I had to laugh when you legitimately got to the is it worth it part and said "no" (but still going to benchmark it!). Yeah the r3 2200g really blows everything at similar cost out of the water.

  24. I like your channel and have been watching for a year, but I gotta say I think your doing a disservice to people by suggesting this dual core is actually worth going for. anyone who cant afford a minimal quad core should just hold off and save up more

  25. My PC supports DDR3 ram .will it be compatible to gtx 750 ti which has DDR4 ram.?

  26. Who would touch Pentium with 2200G available? 4 true cores, fairly strong iGPU, especially if you have old monitor with 768p res, and overclockable.

  27. Help me on comparison of i5 86ook(market cooler) and ryzen 7 2700k(stock cooler) with 1060 6gb gpu overclocking ,gaming bechmarks , which setup should i buy because they cost same price and which one is FUTURE PROOF thanks

  28. in Denmark the single ram stick, and the ssd costs around $300, or even more if you buy from an expesive store.

  29. I only manage to get this ryzen set with $450 without graphic card. No amazon in my country. Every thing expensive. Add another $60 will get 7th gen i7 with graphic since now offer never before.

  30. Cool video, I thought you were going off of your rocker. I was wrong and a good way to explain your reasons not to build with Pentium Gold…

  31. should i go for it??
    hp elite 8300 for 180$ on amazon and
    gtx 1050??

  32. I would also upgrade the Dell cheap power supply. I hate Dell power supplies. They are really cheap. Other than that you are right you can not beat a Dell for the $.

  33. Good point. Because the only thing you need to do is upgrade the GPU later for that RYZEN build.

    Slap an RX 570 4GB or a GTX 1060 3GB will make a lot more sense.
    Do it on the G5400 build. Boom! Bottleneck and you will need to buy another Intel CPU which is more expensive "reality speaks". You'll just double your spend at the end.

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