2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper Teaser

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Behold, The Destroyer of Threads. 32 core 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper coming in Q3 2018. Create with Heavy Metal.


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  1. Did they fix Spectre fix in this ?

    Also looking for Workstation gaming , will this be Good ?

  2. This is the fruits of labor that letting an ENGINEER run a company, instead of a greedy businessman, produces. Good Job AMD!

  3. I so want! I only hope I can get a decent system for under 3.5K US., If so, Threadripper 2 will be mine!!!!

    Insert evil mad scientist laugh.

  4. As of now, 46 people have down thumbed this video.

    46 people are on Intel's payroll.

  5. all good now…jim keller works at intel..making cpus for them now..raja also at intel..AMD must keep strong because intel is gonna come back jim kellers cpus

  6. The trailer is cool, but what a horrible design / render

    Looks like made by trainee.

  7. Happy to see AMD is back!! There were no competition the last years. And that is always bad for the consumer.
    I have an 6 years old i7 3700 (non k). Last week I changed Monitor from Full HD to UWQHD and bought a GTX1080ti. Now I am thinking about a new CPU. Not sure if I should take the in games a little bit more powerful i7 8700K or the Ryzen 5 2600x or Ryzen 7 2700x. 90% I use my system for gaming. hmm….

  8. "Quad-core is my normal state. This is my octa-core. Now sixteen-core is my ascended form… AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FUTHER BEYOND! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

  9. AMD you so funny, keep doing it.
    Please for the love of the god of silicon, implement infinity fabric (CCX/MCM) for your Radeon GPU's AMD, you clearly cant scale your current gpu's, its 100% possible to have multiple dies on the same package just like Ryzen dies without crossfire-x and driver issues, please invest in this R&D and you will absolutely take the GPU market by storm, look at intel they cant even keep up, i9 12 core cpu's at the same price of ryzen 32 core threadripperits not even a competition anymore its a massacre, you will never catch nvidia with monolithic dies, just like you could not catch intel on cpu's with monolithic dies.

  10. have amd ryzen threadripper 2990x with apu graphics?

  11. If you think more than 8 cores are going to make your games play any better, you're seriously uneducated. Unless you're doing a lot of video editing, rendering, while doing other things at the same time, then this many cores is pointless!

  12. Amd rocking all over Intel.
    The last of Intel's crown jewel is the mainstream i7 8000 series, that will finally fall next year with the 7nm ryzen.
    Currently rocking a 2600x and rx 580 8gb from sapphire.
    Keep awesome products and music coming.


  14. Lol reminds me of old gaming hardware and the odd pictures on the boxes

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