2018 Razer Blade (GTX 1070) Review!

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Razer Blade:

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  1. I’m going to do a follow up in about a month where I answer 10 questions about the Blade, make sure to leave a comment with yours!

  2. I prefer rounded corners like the old blade but the same minimal bezel. The body of the old one looks better.

  3. Things Razer missed that would've made it the perfect Laptop
    – FingerPrint sensor could've been implemented, but I don't know why
    -Iris scanning for windows hello
    -USB-C charging
    -SD CARD reader
    -1080p webcam
    -1440p 100-144hz display insted of 1080p
    -Better Trackpad, the left and right click are weird because it's not evenly placed on the track pad. So different pressure needed for different spots.

  4. I wonder how the battery life and heat compares on the 1060 and 1070.

  5. Excellent review; have been waiting for this! Thank you good sir.

  6. I'm thinking about buying the 4k version soon
    Is the metal body still a fingerprint magnet like the older versions?
    Is the 4k screen comparable to the one in the xps 15 in regards of brightness and bezels under the glass?
    Can you answer these questions I would really appreciate it
    Thanks a lot
    Ps. Love ur channel

  7. so how loud is the fan just from doing excel or browsing youtube?

  8. I just may purchase one in a few months. Hard to decide between 1060 or 1070 though… you said the 1070 might be overkill for most games with this screen / resolution… saving a few hundred on the 1060 sounds appealing but the 1070 might future proof it for another year or so…. decisions decisions ugh lol

    great video though thank you

  9. Great production quality. Review was a bit long maybe try and keep it to under 10 mins? Good job man

  10. Just make sure this laptop don't have some shitty issue for $2k laptop like randomly bsod, screen flicker, coil whine, backlight bleed, screen goes black/blank after u updating the windows, won't boot up, won't charge, won't shutdown, overheating, broken battery, broken charger, shutdown randomly even while not doing anything (idle) and much more absurd issue like any older balde laptop products.. please make a further review for that following factors 🙂 thanks

  11. What is worth the price ? Aero15 vs Aero 15x or this laptop ?

    Also is it necessary to get a 144hz monitor laptop if you don’t play games ? Let’s say you want a powerful thin and light laptop that can handle cpu intensive tasks and does have a powerful gpu , good track pad ( windows precision ) , thin bezels , good thermal , not too loud , good battery life , good brightness even if there’s sun , what laptop would be best to get ? Thank you for reading !

  12. No Ethernet port? Ffs now I can’t justify buying it for work / school… why would you cut the Ethernet port?

  13. Given the high rates of failure on the previous blade you'd be smart to ignore the hype and wait for the RMAs to start rolling in before pulling the trigger.

  14. Ugly stop trying to make it look like macbook. Gaming laptop should look like gaming laptop not like macbook or regular laptop. Are gamer that afraid of being seen as gamer?

  15. How is the build quality? is there any flex in the chassis? what about the screen chin does that flex like razer 14? is there any screen light bleed?

  16. Benchmarks, fan noise, temps, battery life, performance… C'mon dude you have the laptop and no one is doing anything about this…

  17. Great video!! Looking to change from my current MacBook Pro 2017 to this for my video editing and a few games. MacBook Pro can’t really keep up with what I use PP for anymore which sucks.

  18. Good review, I'm still not impressed with the razer blade. I feel like there are so many other better options that may not look as good, only having one storage slot is a huge dealbreaker for me. I keep my laptops for years and if you dont have sufficient storage windows updates will wreck you alone. Other options from asus, sager/clevo, gigabyte/arous and msi are better than this…ntm the new msi has this one beat imo and is built just like it but more options, more storage slots, ethernet port and the the same ports this one has…there really is no reason why this should cost so much when the msi gives you more options and is cheaper, the gigabyte 15x v8 also gives you more…no ethernet port again? Come on razer people complained about that…its better than the last gen model but not better than anything else at anything, plus it still gets really hot and is super lowd. This LOOKS the best though but looks aren't at the top of my list…and on the forums a lot of people say these blades have hardware failure, there are people who have already had to send this new one back.

  19. BPS Customs, could you make another test of doom. When you see that spike to 30fps, could you rapidly see if your pc starts use only the battery (means that it doesn't detect the charger). Thanks in advance

  20. Where is the review? Cant just ONE person on here make a proper review of the Blade? …

  21. I just bought the 1070 256GB 144 version on Amazon. Anyone have any idea how long I have to wait for them to come into stock? They are either out of stock or they have not released yet?

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