$15,000 HP Z8 Workstation | Overview & Benchmarks | ZWorkstations.com

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  1. Apologies for the reupload! The video needed a fix. ~Pistol

  2. What are the price differences if you built a workstation from scratch instead…

  3. not use to things sliding out that easily.. insert sex joke here

  4. Interesting, thanks for making my 5960x feel inadequate…..in all the right places.

  5. wouldnt a few 8700K or amd systems be a better deal, than just 1 system? just split up the workload.

  6. What kind of power supply does it use? I would hope something plat rated.

  7. I actually am using these at my job. The only complaint I have is with the cooling. They have air channels and everything and that keeps the CPU area cool for sure but if you fully load the PCIe area complete with cards it becomes an oven. One of the configurations that I have are 3 Quadro P4000 cards, 2 Quadro P1000 cards, and 2 custom video boards and the cards sometimes get so hot you can't even touch it. Obviously, this is an edge case scenario where the PC is loaded to the max possible configuration but the previous z840 PCs had better air flow design. Otherwise it is a very solid workstation.

  8. Why is there no SLI bridge? I would love to see both rigs running Passmark Performance test.

  9. Does it warp light and predict the stock-market ahead of time? A few more years and you'll be buying these on ebay for $500

  10. I've always liked the HP workstations over the Dell. But HP always had their proprietary crap like their PSUs in the past which pretty much made them tear downs for second hand parts.

  11. Is it worth the money tho… I don't think so… ECC and Xeons are cool for vmware/proxmox hosts and even there you could build cluster out of cheaper servers and still be good. That kind of CPU is a valid option only if licensing for a socket is a thing…

  12. HP has had the best workstations since apple discontinued the Mac pro tower in 2012. I had an xw8400 and those machines from 2006 would still wipe the floor with a lot of new machines.

  13. What has always interested me about these machines is those, what might be x4 pcie slots that sit above each CPU for PCIe storage :0

  14. -Prebuilt Machine
    -Xeon Processors

    Not exactly an enthusiast or value-minded option. Why not thread-riper? Cheaper and higher performance. You could probably get 3 or 4 high end Thread-ripper Machines for the same price.

  15. I am still rocking a Xeon X5650 (+GTX970). Nice upgrade tho.

  16. 1. I need that Skyrim mug
    2. I scored 33 seconds with 2x EVGA ftw3 1080ti's at stock speeds.. interesting (?)
    3. CPU score.. well.. Let's not make my 4790k cry.

  17. Yo Logan I'm gonna need a link to the background you got at 6:40 on that monitor. In my long searches for cyberpunk cityscapes I have not yet stumbled across that one. So I would really like to know where you found it.

  18. The servers and the workstations are so pretty!!!! super well made!!!!

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