13 Game Benchmark – Core i7-7820X – GTX 1080 TI – $4K Build Part 5

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13 Games Tested on the 2017 $4K Ultimate Build
Playlist of Videos on this Build –
Playlist of Games Tested on this CPU –

The first playlist above has the build video, parts overview, “Why VLog” and other videos on this build.

The second playlist links to the Tech Deals Gaming channel and shows games tested at 1440p and compared to Ryzen 7 1800X using the same graphics card

Want to buy any of the games shown here? Please consider using my affiliate link to Kinguin, where I buy many of my own game keys and the price is often far less than buying direct:

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Corsair H110i — @Amazon — @NewEgg
32GB G.Skill TridentZ RGB — @Amazon — @NewEgg
MSI GTX 1080 TI Duke — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Corsair Obsidian 750D — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Corsair RM1000x — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Samsung 960 Pro 512GB — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Samsung 960 EVO 500GB — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Samsung 850 EVO 1TB — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Windows 10 Pro — @Kinguin


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  1. Hi, which software is that to overall all the cpu, gpu temperatures and other information ?

  2. It is fun watching someone play a game in a 4K monitor. We don't get to see 4K monitors in store where I live.

  3. 7:43 freeze becouse the game save the checkpoint, thats a bad programming, nice vid btw!

  4. This is already off to a bad start. No one is buying SkyLake you should of went Ryzen or threadripper and added another 1080 ti

  5. Hi , Tech deal ! Could you do a review of the Acer ED322Q 32” curved monitor for $270?

  6. There are quite random news regarding 1070 ti can you please clarify it?

  7. Not even watching this for the video, tech deals content is just so good

  8. I wonder how many actually play games with 4k monitors – they all seem to have a max of 60hz at their current state.

  9. What are your opinions on the UI for the Radeon Software vs. Nvidia's? I find the Radeon software very polished looking and more intuitive, though it does have its bugs.

  10. I actually preferred longer videos with lots of information but I understand the business standpoint and short average people attention spans.

  11. Why not include some Vega 56 benchmarks in these videos please

  12. they really need to optimize pubg even a 1080 ti is struggling at 4k high settings

  13. Thanks for the video. I would like to see you test your systems with X-Plane 11 – it uses both the CPU and GPU equally. Thanks.

  14. love this format of the shorter gameplay snippets on the main vid on the main channel then the fuller gameplay on the gaming channel

  15. ~2,300$ 100% water cooled setup below


    I7 7700k unlocked $340

    Corsair h100i v2 CPU cooler $110

    ASUS strix 270e motherboard (wifi) $200

    Corsair dominator platinum 2×8 $180

    WD Blue m.2 SSD $150

    Seagate 2TB barracuda SATA 6gb/s $60

    EVGA gtx 1080 ti FTW3 hybrid $850

    Corsair tx 750m power supply $90

    Corsair 400c case $90

    3x Corsair ML140 pro fans $75

    Windows 10 $100

  16. Have you or will you post a video about setting up the OSD you use for benchmarking? Like what software you use, settings, how to get it to show in game, etc. BTW, love your videos!

  17. Wait that computer cost 4 grand. Yea well i will buy it. If i buy thst winning lotto ticket. Ok tech.L.O.L

  18. Which one would you recommend for pure gaming only with no overclocking involved?

    i7 7700 (non-K) + 1080ti


    R5 1600 + 1080ti


    i5 7600 (non-K) + 1080ti

  19. You are without a doubt the best tech channel. You convinced me to move over into PC gaming, and with all the knowledge I've gained from your videos (I literally didn't know anything about computers) I am now buying computers, doing minor mods, and selling them for a small profit to fund my gaming hobby. THANK YOU TECH DEALS.

  20. My Current set up consist of a 980 TI I am running three monitors one Dell 34 ultra wide and 2 Dell 27 inch for a 3 monitor set up I'm considering the EVGA 1080 TI or the Asus Strix 1080 TI. I do some gaming and also video creation. I like the fact that the EVGA has three display ports is why I'm considering the EVGA 1080 TI over the strix any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks !

  21. "$4K Build"
    But knowing that 7700k is still faster for games… is kinda sucks.

  22. Mr. Deals, are you able to get your hands on a 7920X to review? I am convinced it is the most underrated processor released this year. No one on YouTube is reviewing it (I assume because they aren't being given free samples from Intel). Based on the few performance numbers I've seen in forums & blogs the thermal performance seems to be MUCH better than the 7900X and it is overclocking very well. I'm sure we'll get some reviews of the higher sku'd i9's when they release next week, but so far the 7920X is looking like the the sweet spot for the HEDT performance market.

  23. witch one i choooooose intel 7900x or amd 1900x….witch one is the best for smoot video editing in premierpro pls ansr me sir

  24. I have an i3 6100, GTX 1050 Ti and 16 GB of RAM, would I see better FPS and less stutter in games if I change my CPU to an i5 6600 or i5 7500 ?
    I only play AAA games

  25. Price at my local store
    1060 3gb $275
    RX 570 4gb $339
    1060 6gb $389
    have to use all cap for attention lol

  26. Tech Deals when u install gta 5. it asks for 5gb update so can i iturnoff pc in middle of update and resume it later

  27. What do you think about the possible performance increase in 2 1080 Ti with High-Bandwidth SLI bridge with THIS build?

    Do you see a dramatic increase in the results of many of your presented titles? I know that it depends on the game because the devs have to code the title to support SLI. I'm still very interested in seeing you give a great break-down of the performance with this same build.

  28. Really don't understand why Youtube/the advertisers have an issue with this video, this is your best stuff, and great content. I love that you take TIME to play and go over the games rather than just flashing numbers on a screen, I can watch anyone else for that. Glad I'm a Patreon supporter, just wish I could contribute more right now.

  29. Um hello I’m in need of help because I’m getting a new laptop and it’s a gaming laptop what do I have to do when I boot it up at first and how could I update the drivers to it if you could make a video on how to do it that would be easier on me but I really need help badly

  30. I have an i7 8700k Alienware on the way hopefully by tomorow, I wonder what the 8700k would do on this system.

  31. I login to YouTube just to like his videos. You always go from not knowing much, to knowing everything you need to know to be an educated consumer after you watch his videos and they definitely deserve a thumbs up.

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